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9 January 2024

This New Moon in Aquarius is a Super New Moon, even though it is a dark moon (creating introspection) this new moon is at the closest point to Earth.

A Super Moon is an especially intense versión what a ´niirmal´moon would be at the New Moon.  New Moons are a time of rebirth and reflection and we can do this with the Aquarian objective view point.  Aquarius, the 11th house of the zodiac, is the ´thinker and revolutionary´of the zodiac.

This New Moon in Aquarius urges to go with-in, especially since it is being influenced by communicater and traveller Mercury as well as Pluto, the planet of transformation.  Even if we have a whimsical heart, the Sun as well as the Moon will provide us with a new sense of ´rationality´, as Aquarians are not too fond of emotion.  This combination brings a logical twist to any transformative leaps we wish to initiate.

This New Moon in Aquarius also marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year in mystical Dragon or the Green Wood Dragon.  This is an auspiciously powerful time to plant seed and manifest our dreams into reality.  Aquarius Sun and Moon allows us to créate these intentioins with a clear understanding of the big picture or the rational view of what we would like to achieve in this life time.  We may set goals and or simply contemplate upon what we want for ourselves.

We can trust that our decisions and changes are coming from a point of true clarity that will guide us into a more better phase of our lives.



COLOR: Indigo



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In a world where dreams were meant to be chased, Bari Devaya has emerged as a true luminary, spreading her radiant spirit wherever she goes. Born with an insatiable curiosity and an infectious zest for life, Bari Devaya's journey was destined to be nothing short of remarkable. From an early age, Bari Devaya discovered her passion for connecting with others through the power of words and actions. But Bari Devayae's mission extends far beyond the mat. A true advocate for the human spirit, she dedicates herself to empowering others, unlocking their potential, and guiding them towards lives steeped in purpose and fulfillment, with yoga, breath work, bodywork, nutriton as well as astrology and Tarot.. Her radiant smile and compassionate heart is beacon of hope, illuminating even the darkest of paths. Bari Devaya serves as a reflection of how we can all live our true purpose (dharma). As Bari says, I know it works because I was very ill mentally, emotionally and physically as I was creating what today I call Devaya Yoga™ and now I can honestly say that I experience superb physical, mental and emotional health. (Every one agrees that Devaya Yoga™: the Yoga of Color and Sound is preventative medicine. I was anorexic with some very dark thought forms (I was suicidal in thought-form) due to my low self – esteem from a lifetime of experiences from being stagnated in old, negative thought form paradigms. Devaya Yoga™ allowed me to see clearly the life I had lived as well as to see clearly the life I was currently living: I was and am living life to its fullest and I love my self and honor my self and am in great physical condition and experience great physical, mental and spiritual health. )