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Devaya YogaTM - Yoga for Every Body I: Yoga for Beginners

Devaya YogaTM - Yoga for Every Body II: Yoga for those with previous experience or good physical condition

Devaya YogaTM is a uniquely invigorating, fun yoga, which is apt for every body: the novice, the experienced practitioner, the young as well as for the young at heart. It is a synthesis of the chakras incorporated in a dynamic Hatha yoga practice, using precise alignment from the in-side-out. Based upon the 5000 year old Ayurvedic science of life, Devaya YogaTM incorporates the following:

• Precise alignment in asanas from the in-side-out
• Bija Mantra (positive affirmations)
• Cromotherapy (color breathing)
• Mudras (yoga for the hands)
• Pranayama techniques and Bhandas

The multi faceted aspect of Devaya YogaTM, naturally leads the practitioner in to a state of witness consciousness, that leaves a cellular imprint from which self compassion, stillness and reflection are birthed in a profound way, by these vibrational healing techniques. This methodology dis-solves pre-accumulated energy (or energy blockages), creating better health physically, emotionally and spiritually, both on and off the mat.

While not an inherently strenuous practice, Devaya YogaTM is an advanced one, requiring courage to follow our deepest impulses about what feels right and what doesn´t. This program cultivates greater health and well-being because we learn a yoga practice that may be used daily, thus making yoga a regular part of our self-care routine to live more mindfully both on and off the mat. You will leave with deeper levels of self-trust based on the growing conviction that we all are unique self-expressions of Life, Love, and Truth

Partner Devaya YogaTM: Yoga for two

Partner Devaya YogaTM: In a fun environment we learn how to recognize our strengths and weaknesses as we help one another both on and off the mat with Partner Devaya YogaTM.

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Each morning, in our yoga practice (sadhana), we will explore a different chakra, one for each day of the week, in ascending order, through the practice of Devaya YogaTM, kriya yoga meditation techniques and jungle exploration.

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PRANAYAMA: Awakening the Sleeping Serpent

Evolving our Practice: Intertwining Asana, Pranayama, and Bhandas

Yoga is much more than movement or asanas, it is union of seeming opposites, of which the breath is the key ingredient. In this workshop, each one of us will ignite our true potential through the power of breath control. We will create a lasting relationship with prana that will un leash the secrets of agelessness. With proper breathing, we have the power to change our entire personal profile; that is re-charge and re-energize our endocrine system and our nervous system(s), thus creating a more lucid, relaxed healthy person, both on and off the mat. 15 credit units.

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The Yoga of Transformation

Yoga is a science not based on brute strength but on the grace of gravity. In this workshop we will experience the grace of gravity practicing Devaya YogaTM. Hatha yoga is a science; it is sacred geometry. Each one of us is capable of becoming more flexible, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Life is all ways changing and yoga provides us with the tools to ride the tides fully.

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Letting the Infinite River of Joy Flow

After our feet, our hips are our base of security upon the Earth, thus in everything we do. In this workshop we will open are hips to the infinite creative joy that rests in the pelvic bowl. When our hips are more flexible, all our internal organs are better at rest in the inspirational waters of the pelvic bowl, so they perform optimally. The pelvic bowl, thus the hips, are the home of the hara or battery of the body. It is here where woman gestate physically and we all give birth to our dreams and inspirations. As we gently expand and open our hips, we also expand our horizons, becoming more flexible physically, mentally and emotionally. 15 crdit units.

We will energize, cleanse and re-new our selves physically, emotionally, mentally and ethereally with the invigorating kundalini methodology of Devaya YogaTM:

the practice of HATHA YOGA and MUDRAS
the kriya infused pranayama of COLOR BREATHING
the chanting of BIJA MANTRA

All of these techniques used together, shuts off our ego/muscle of the mind, allowing the SHABD (shaw-bud) GURU or sound teacher to infuse our physical and etheric bodies with light. Devaya YogaTM is a uniquely invigorating, fun yoga, which is apt for every body: the novice, the experienced practitioner, the young as well as for the young at heart.


Devaya is also certified in the following areas:
Reiki Master
U.S.A. Certified Massage Therapist
Pranassage PractitionerTM
Bach Flower Consultant